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How to simplify function notation

College algebra students dive into their studies How to simplify function notation, and manipulate different types of functions.

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Function Notation

10.3 Simplifying Expressions with Function Notation. . In this section, we will discuss algebra simplification that will appear in many facets of education.

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Plugging Expressions into Functions

Find g (2w) when g (x) = x2 - 2x + 1. Solution: When substituting expressions, like 2w, into a function, using parentheses will help prevent algebraic errors.

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Function Notation

Plugging non-numerical expressions into functions, and simplifying: it's not as bad I'll grant you, but it clearly illustrates how the notation works.
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10.3 Simplifying Expressions with Function Notation

Example 1.3.2 Let h(x)=f(x)+g(x) where f(x)=3x2 and g(x)=5x-9. Evaluate each of the following: The function h is defined as the sum of f

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Function Notation and Evaluation

Sal noticed that 27 is divisible by 3, that is 3x9=27, and with that he can simplify the expression by removing a factor of 3 from the 3 in 4/3 and 27 to

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